Enterprises in the education space gets many queries related to course details, course schedules, access related, password reseting and many more. Some of the queries are simple FAQ’s while some required a lookup and responding back. Quick responses to straight forward queries helps brand create a “meaningful contact” with their customers. Rezo helps educational brands resolve queries faster along with identification of root cause of the issues and a reduction in the overall interactions.


Your guests expects a comprehensive customer experience at every touch point of their journey. Providing a seamless, personalised customer service experience without increased cost is always a challenge. is helping brands automate travellers queries at a faster speed and hence improve customer experience.


With SLA’s ranging from minutes to couple of days, Logistic company agents works 24 x 7 to give their customers a great experience. is helping Logistic brands to streamline internal coordination across various functions, reduce the dependency on agents working style and work towards automation. 


Exponential growth in E-commerce has led to increased customer expectations and strong competition. Brands constantly need to hire more staff to be able to handle the online and offline customer support. is helping E-commerce brands to customer interaction across these disconnected channels, contextual routing and automated workflows.