Rezo Transforms Customer Service for a Leading Online Education

A leading online and classroom-training provider for international certifications in Finance, Accounting, Analytics, Digital Marketing, and Six Sigma serves professionals in more than 40+ countries around the world. Headquartered in the USA, the organization gets many queries around the class schedule, batch schedule, exam schedule, certificates, results, etc. The firm wanted to create “meaningful contacts” that help customers get things quickly and easily. To achieve the above, the client was looking for faster customer query resolution along with the identification of the root cause of the issue, and thus a reduction in the overall interactions.

Client Key Needs

  1. Reduction in the ticket resolution time.
  2. Improving customer satisfaction.
  3. Freeing up agents to look into tickets that were more complex.

Key achievements with Rezo

  1. Achieved 40% faster turnaround time.
  2. Helped identify the key areas of improvements which impacts the customers the most.

Humanizing Automation

Rezo connects with the customer service console to extract customer interactions. It supports data from email, chat, social media, etc. The historic customer transcripts are used to train AI models, which identifies the patterns how the tickets were classified, routed and responded by agents. As new tickets arrives, Rezo immediately examines the content and tags the tickets with appropriate customer issue, routes it to the correct agents and recommend responses or does an automated reply. Rezo becomes more intelligent as the system learns and grows with the businesses, automating customer support.

Rashi Gupta (Ph.D) on Linkedin
Rashi Gupta (Ph.D)
Rashi is a co-founder at She is a data science professional with over 16 years of experience in both academic and corporate. Over these years, she has worked as Assistant Professor, Lead Data Scientist and as an analyst. She works with enterprises to develop IP lead products and newer solutions/prototypes. With expertise in Text Analytics, Machine Learning and Bayesian Methodology, Rashi has designed and developed models which have been published in world renowned journals. Rashi holds her doctoral from University of Helsinki and double masters from IIT Delhi.